Hello! I’m Emily Walker, the artist behind Sketches of Creation. I’m a self-taught portrait and wildlife artist from the small, artsy, town of Purcellville, Virginia. I have been interested in art for most of my life and I started drawing seriously in early 2016 at age 14, beginning to draw commissioned works for friends and eventually working up to create a small business out of it in 2019. My main area of focus is in graphite realism of wildlife with the occasional pet mixed in.

Photo of Emily Walker


My inspiration to draw mostly stems from nature, it’s all so complex and beautiful. Even the smallest, plainest, most insignificant things in nature declare the glory of their Creator, Christ.
My clients also inspire me. I love to be a part of something so meaningful to them and to see how happy they are when they receive their drawings.

Sketches of Creation

I had little to do with Sketches of Creation’s start. All I did was draw some squirrels one day. It was my mom that put it on her social media and a friend of mine that saw it and wanted a drawing, then, more friends that wanted drawings. Sketches of Creation is here all thanks to them. I never was even going to pursue being a full-time artist until about 4 years later in 2020. I’ve done much more work towards my business since then, but it still wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for my amazing friends, family, and clients.