Meet the Artist


Hello! I’m Emily Walker, I’m a Christian, and a self-taught artist from the small town of Purcellville, Virginia. I’ve loved to draw ever since I can remember, but it was in late 2015 that I really started to draw seriously. And ever since then I’ve never stopped, and see myself growing in ability and technique every time I sketch.

Tiger, our family cat who loved to draw with me. <3


My inspiration comes from all the beauty that I see in nature. Every leaf, every speck of dirt, every mountain, every living thing, it was all designed and created by an Awesome and living God. Because of the beauty of His creation I’m drawn to recreate it, and give Him glory through it.

Why I started Sketches of Creation

I started Sketches of Creation because I love to draw, serve people, and make them happy; and I’ve found that through my drawings of their loved ones and pets I can do this.

Chippy, our chipmunk friend that my mom, brother, and I tamed to take peanuts from our hands.