First Steps

If you’d like help with any or all of the following, please feel free to contact me first:)

1. FIND A REFERENCE PHOTO Before you reserve your spot on my waiting list you’ll need to have a reference photo chosen. The three most important things to consider for a good reference photo are Pose, Lighting, and Quality/Resolution. I need a clear and bright reference photo to be able to fully capture my subject. If you’d like to see examples of what I’ve worked with you can go to my Gallery page and click the ‘View With Reference Photos’ button. The most important of the three is pose-I can lighten an image or add details that aren’t visible(to an extent), but I can’t change the pose unless given many photos, and still I’m not yet comfortable with doing this. You want the subject to look natural, relaxed, and capture their spirit and personality. If possible, it would be great if I had a few additional reference photos besides the main one to be able to gain better understanding of the subject(s). This is necessary for children portraits.
*Note You MUST be the photographer of/have rights to the reference photo chosen or give me written permission by the photographer before proceeding.

2. PICK A SIZE Once you have a reference photo chosen the next thing to think about is the size of the drawing. The bigger the drawing is, the more detail is achievable. My standard sizes are: 6×8″, 8×10″, 9×12″, 11×14″, 12×18″, and 18×24″. You may request a custom size.

3. CHOOSE A BACKGROUND LEVEL I’ve got three standard levels of background embellishment: Full, Partial, and None. See examples below.


A ‘Full’ background is detailed to semi-detailed and stretches from edge to edge.


(My favorite) A ‘Partial’ background is detailed to undetailed expressionism and does not cover the entire page.


A ‘None’ background will not have additional embellishment. *An exception to this is in a full-body portrait were the subject is sitting or standing on something. Here, I will add some ground.

4. PRICING Below are my ‘Flat’ prices, which are based on the size of the paper being used. There may be additions or subtractions based on the subject size, complexity, background choice, and detail in the drawing. These should be considered as estimates.

6×8″ = $85
8×10″ = $135

9×12″ = $185
11×14″ = $260

12×18″ = $365
18×24″ = $735

5. CONTACT ME Please use the Contact Me form if you’ve got additional questions, or, to get a quote, email me your reference photos and background and size preferences at

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